Who We Are

We are…

People who believe in Salvation through the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

People who believe that God’s Grace is extended to ALL people; no exceptions!

People who delight in joining Spanish speaking and English speaking people into One Body of Christ.

People who believe in “missional outreach” to the community; we believe Jesus commands us, as a Church, to know the needs of our community and work to address the needs.

People who believe in the power of prayer.

People who believe in The Episcopal Church.

People who are laid back, casual and fun to worship with.

People from all walks of life and every point of view.

People who believe Christ Church is a very, very special place.

People who will welcome YOU !

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534 W. 10th St.
Dallas, Texas 75208
Telephone: 214-941-0339
Email: christchurchdallas@att.net

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