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The Deaconess Bookshop operates in the Christ Church Parish Hall. It is named after Deaconess Lillian W. Crow who selflessly served the Church for many years. Not only does the Bookshop offer a convenient place to shop, it generously supports Christ Church by donating all of its profits to the Church.

A dazzling array of items is available at the Deaconess Bookshop. For example, the store stocks beautiful genuine leather items such as purses, book covers and picture frames made in North Carolina. Another popular item is the selection of table runners and pillows from Brazil.

The Bookstore is operated by long time Christ Church member Mary Jane Hinnant (assisted for years by Clara Rienzi who died in 2015). Some of their favorite items are the goat milk products. The goats live in Canada and the products are shipped out of Vermont. These are the most reordered items in the Shop!  The Shop has delightful lotion, body butter, shower gel and soap products available. The Bookshop also boasts a large selection of fine collector’s books. They cover a fascinating range of subjects, some of which are recent publications and others which are more than one hundred years old.

Don’t let the Bookshop’s small space fool you. There are some great finds available at the Deaconess Bookshop. Give Mary Jane a little time and they will help any shopper find just the right item at just the right price.

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534 West Tenth Street,
Dallas, Texas 75208
Telephone: 214-941-0339
Emergency: 972-974-6362

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