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At the Eucharist, the Book of Common Prayer provides that the celebrant may be assisted by other priests, deacons and lay persons. Lay persons who undertake this ministry of actively assisting in the liturgy serve as either lectors, acolytes or lay Eucharistic ministers.

Christ Episcopal Church has a faithful group who perform each of these tasks, adding beauty and dignity to our worship that God may be glorified.

Acolytes carry the cross, torches, incense and banners in procession and assist the priest at the altar.

For many services, only a cross and two torches are be used, while on major feast days, the procession may be much more extensive. Any person is eligible to serve as an acolyte after receiving appropriate training. While there is no fixed minimum age, acolytes are generally at least nine years old.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are persons specifically licensed by the Bishop to administer the chalice at Communion and to perform other duties in assisting the priest. A person seeking to serve in this capacity would be trained and instructed by the priest then licensed by Bishop at the priest’s request.

Anyone desiring to serve in any of these capacities should make their desires known to our Rector, Fr. Villalobos.

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