Dear Families and Friends of Christ Episcopal Church Dallas:
“Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”  Ephesians 4:12
“Holy Spirit, open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts, that we may grow closer to you through joy and through suffering. Be with us in the fullness of your power as new members are added to your household, as we grow in grace through the years, when we are joined in marriage, when we turn to you in sickness or special need, and, at the last, when we are committed into the Father’s hands.” Consecration of a Church Book of Common Prayer, pg. 569
The Feast of Pentecost this year 2020 marks the 130th Anniversary of the foundation of Christ Episcopal Church Dallas. When the founders of our church decided to work together to plant a new church, more than focusing on the physical building, they focused first on the spiritual building of the Body of Christ. They met together to learn, hear, and discern God’s voice, they worked to accept, support, and love each other. Then, they moved into action to raise funds, find generous benefactors, making plans to buy land and build their new construction, etc.
The spiritual foundation was first, and that was their priority. It is the same today for us, our beautiful building is important, however, the people of the church, each member and family, each face and smile, each personal story are what make our church a unique encounter of God’s creation.
As we celebrate our common history, please remember that the Holy Spirit continues renewing Jesus’ Incarnation in the flesh of our lives today as well. Be open to see His work in and through each person, be grateful for all members, benefactors, and people that have gone before us.
Christ Episcopal Church Dallas continues being a unique and blessed space in time where God’s grace endures and surpasses all hurdles. I invite you to strive to be remain faithful and to make God your first and only reason to be all He created you to be.
Blessed 130th  Anniversary to you!
Blessings to All,
Fr. Fabian
The Rev. Fr. Fabian Villalobos
Christ Episcopal Church
534 W. 10th Street
Dallas, TX 75208
O: 214-941-0339